Registration for the 2019-2020 School of Dance classes will be open on Monday, July 15.

New and returning families are encouraged to create or update their accounts prior to registration opening.

Lower/Middle School Campus

Grades K-8
Some Grades 4-8 classes and Saturday morning Preschool classes are held at the High School Campus. See HS schedule below for details.

3:00–4:00 Kindergarten Ballet/Tap/Tumble Combo
4:00–4:45 K–2 Boys Hip Hop
4:45–5:15 2nd–3rd Tap
5:15–6:15 3rd Ballet/Jazz Combo
3:00–4:00 2nd Ballet/Jazz Combo 
4:00–4:45 4th–5th Tap 
4:45–5:30 4th–5th Jazz/Lyrical
5:30–6:15 4th–5th Hip Hop
3:00–4:00 1st Ballet/Tap/Tumble Combo
4:00–5:15 3rd Hip Hop/Tumbling 
5:15–6:00 3rd–5th Boys Hip Hop
3:00–4:30 2nd Hip Hop/Tumbling
4:30–5:15 K-1st Jazz/Hip Hop
5:15–6:00 6th–8th Hip Hop
6:00–6:45 6th–8th Jazz/Lyrical 
3:00–4:00 Jr Team Paws*
4:00–4:30 Jr Team*
4:30–5:30 Jr Team Stripes*

High School Campus

Day Class
4:30–5:30 Beginning Ballet
5:30–6:30 Intermediate Ballet
6:30–7:45 Int./Advanced Ballet (invitation only)
5:00–6:00 Advanced Tumbling (must have back handspring)
6:00–7:30 Middle School Dance Team*
3:30–5:00 Jr. Team Practice
5:00–6:00 9th–12th Hip Hop
6:00–7:15 Open Musical Theater/Tap
5:00–6:30 9th-12th Jazz Technique+Choreo
6:30–7:30 9th–12th Contemporary
9:00–10:00 am Preschool Ballet/Tap/Tumble Combo
10:00–12:00 pm MS Dance Team*
12:00–1:00 pm Intermediate Tumbling
* Classes with an asterisk are for dance team members only; prior placement has been determined
** Class is open to middle school and high school students of an intermediate to advanced level.