• Parent Association Board 2019-2020

The Ensworth experience is enhanced when our parents share their time and talents with our community. Whether attending events or taking on one of our 148 leadership roles, there are countless ways to be involved.

The Parent Association is guided and directed by its 31 member Board which includes representatives from the Lower, Middle, and High Schools.

Leadership & Activities

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  • Parent Association Board 2020-2021

    2010–2021 Officers

    President: Elizabeth Gerken
    President-Elect: Kirsten Crosby
    Immediate Past President: Barbara Smith
    Secretary: Sara Perry
    Treasurer: Mike Haney 
    Communications Chair: Katie Porterfield
    Fundraising Chair: Jim Boosalis
    Parent Education Chair: Lori Glenn 
    High School Representative: Delia Darst
    Middle School Representative: Mina Patel
    Lower School Representative: Amanda Graff

    Board Members

    Treasurer-Elect: Teresa Broyles-Alpin
    Communications Chair-Elect: Nancy Keen Palmer
    Fundraising Chair-Elect: Ruth Coppeans 
    Parent Education Chair-Elect: Shanna Belott
    High School Rep-Elect: Jennifer Borden
    Middle School Rep-Elect: Stephanie Bailey
    Lower School Rep-Elect: Corinne Kidd
    Arts Council Chair: Pam Hubert
    Arts Council Chair-Elect: Larissa Polkowski
    Auction Liaisons (2):
    • Monica Michalec
    • Camilla Jackson
    New Parent Support Chair (HS): Raja Clark
    New Parent Support Chair (LS/MS): Jessica Baba
    Volunteer Coordinator Chair: Ashley Owen
    Volunteer Coordinator Chair-Elect: Shannon McIntosh
    At-Large Representatives (5):
    • Jason Bates
    • Sone-Serae Batten
    • Denise Boosalis
    • Morris Jamison 
    • Lee Schaefer
  • Parent Association Activities

    All parents are encouraged to become involved in the life of the school through participation in any of the following activities:

    Tiger Night 
    Tiger Night is the biggest social gathering of the year for Ensworth parents. This incredibly fun event, which raises funds for the Parent Association, brings our parents together for an evening filled with friendship, music, and laughter.

    Parent Education

    Speakers, panel discussions, recommended blogs and books as resources for parents

    Lower/Middle School
    Faculty/Staff Appreciation
    Office Volunteers
    Library Volunteers
    Sunshine Committee
    Used Uniform Swap and Sales
    Super Saturday 

    High School
    Faculty/Staff Appreciation
    Sunshine Committee
    School Support
    Admission Events
    Arts Council
    Grad Night 2019
    Senior Activities Committee
    Used Uniform Swap and Sales
    9th Grade Parent Coordinators
    10th Grade Parent Coordinators
    11th Grade Parent Coordinators
    12th Grade Parent Coordinators

The Mission of the Parent Association

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    Build a sense of community among school families through special events and volunteer opportunities.

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    Provide information and resources helpful in parenting.

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    Raise funds for the enhancement of the school's programs.