In all aspects of the Ensworth program, we strive to provide an enriching educational experience to students in Kindergarten  through Grade Twelve. We believe the school-age years should be fun-filled and balanced, allowing students to explore and pursue areas of interest.
Middle School students are offered a diverse group of activities, including Robotics Club, the student newspaper, Coding Club, Tiger Beat, Knitting Club, Drama Club, Singing Tigers, Tiger Mileage, Chess Club, Wrestling Club, Climbing Club and more.
High School students can select from almost 30 different clubs and activities, ranging from Caring Around the Globe to Investment Club and Literary Magazine to Debate Club. Whether students elect to join Garden Club or The Book Group, they will engage with peers who share a similar interest.
"They are celebrated for who they are and encouraged to become the best 'them' they can be. I love that there is no 'typical' Ensworth student."

– Lindsay White, Dance Teacher