Student involvement in campus life and campus decisions is very important at Ensworth. On both the Lower/Middle and High School Campuses, students have the opportunity to serve on a governance council. These positions allow students to take on leadership roles within the school, learn how to communicate issues with the school administration, and work together to create solutions. 

High School Student Government 2023–2024

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The Student Government works to foster communication within the school community, promote student understanding of school policy, increase knowledge of the democratic process, and secure the voice of the students. The Student Government at the High School campus consists of a President, Vice-President, Events Coordinator, Secretary, and a Class Speaker from each grade. In addition, there are four senators from each grade and an Advisory Assembly with one representative from each advisory group. 
The Student Government is involved in many aspects of student life on the High School campus, including campus enhancement, policy amendments, and spirit week programming. Each year, the group establishes priorities and goals based on student input. 

Lower/Middle School Student Council

The Student Council is made up of Grades 6–8 students elected by their peers on a semester-by-semester basis. The Student Council is an opportunity for Middle School students to work in teams and gain valuable leadership experience. Along with serving as a voice for the student body to the administration, the Student Council coordinates Middle School dances and donates the funds raised to service organizations in the community.

2023–2024 Middle School Student Council

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  • Officers

    President: Greyson Waller
    Vice-President: Laura Thompson
    Secretary: Gazzie Ryerson
    Sergeant-at-arms: Kip Keyser
  • Representatives

    8th-grade Representatives: Tucker Lyman and Jet O'Rear
    7th-grade Representatives: Rose Mason and Thomas McGugin
    6th-grade Representatives: Willie Mo Belott and Zigi Haun