In Search of Truth

Mission Statement

Ensworth is a kindergarten through twelfth grade, coeducational independent school. The School promotes academic excellence and inspires students to be intellectually curious, to use their talents to the fullest, to be people of integrity, and to be contributors to society.

Vision Statement

We envision a school community dedicated to following the highest principles with the greatest love, as characterized by moral integrity, intellectual vitality, discipline, compassion, humor and joy.

We envision a school where a deep sense of community and belonging pervades all aspects of school life, where all members participate in a broad array of diverse activities both in and out of the classroom, and where collaboration, integration, and tradition thrive.

We envision a school committed to growth and learning for all members of its community, as reflected in communication that is open, honest, and direct, in decision-making that is inclusive, flexible, and efficient, in school governance that is clear and transparent, in practices that honor diversity of mind, and in opportunities for faculty development and innovation as fundamental components of their professional responsibilities.

And we envision a school that reaches beyond itself to its broader community, that embraces service opportunities, and that serves as a leader in the national educational community.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

In order to realize the goals of our Mission and Vision, Ensworth must actively strive to be a diverse and inclusive community of learners that engages collectively In Search of Truth. The presence of different perspectives and life experiences plays a vital role in the development of our students, enhancing classroom and extracurricular experiences in meaningful ways. As a school, we are committed to cultivating an environment in which all members of the Ensworth community experience a true sense of belonging and are empowered to be active participants in the life of the school. These efforts are essential if we are to foster the growth of all students in line with their potential, and to equip them for lives of purpose that extend far beyond their time at Ensworth.