High school students at Ensworth with strong academic records as well as leadership and involvement in extracurricular activities have the opportunity to apply for grants for Summer Academic Programs throughout the world (see examples at right). Application forms are available in the “Summer Grants” folder on the Resource Board of the Ensworth website beginning in December.
“It was a really incredible experience going to shadow doctors in a hospital abroad because of their leniency about patient confidentiality and infection risks. We were able to wander into any OR and observe any procedure we wanted to. The coolest thing I got to see was a thoracotomy where the surgeon let me stand up on the working block with him and watch the lung respirating from up close.”
– Shelby Crants, Class of 2014, Gap Medics Program, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Example Academic Programs

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  • Belmont—Vocal Arts Intensive

  • Caribbean—Marine Biology Voyage

  • Chicago—School of the Art Institution

  • Choate—Academic Enrichment Program

  • Duke—TIP Biomedical Ethics and Genetics

  • Hampshire College—Summer Mathematics

  • Harvard—Pre-College Program

  • Johns Hopkins—CTY Mathematics Program

  • Oxford—Oxbridge Seminar Series

  • Vanderbilt—Summer Academy

  • Wake Forest—Business and Entrepreneurship