Why Coeducation?

Ensworth believes that coeducation impacts and enriches the educational experience of our students. A coeducational setting promotes mature social and emotional development, providing students with an advantage during their school years that will carry throughout their adult lives.
Recognizing our critical role in preparing students for the real world, our classrooms bring together both genders, helping students understand that girls and boys are different yet equal.
Every day Ensworth students have interactions that challenge and allow them to realize how gender might influence one’s perspective, which also helps them understand that problems are best approached with consideration of differing worldviews.

We believe that coeducation improves the ways students think, learn and collaborate. Children are able to develop confidence, empathy, understanding and leadership among both genders as they navigate the challenges of social and emotional growth, while encouraging success in one another. By offering a coeducational environment where youth develop the character, understanding and skills necessary for the future, Ensworth equips students for life beyond the classroom.