Confidence, character and a love for learning grow day by day in Ensworth’s Lower School.
Through close partnership with families, teachers work to understand, to guide and to nurture their students. By celebrating and encouraging areas of strength while addressing those needing development, teachers and parents work together on behalf of each child.

Skills in reading, writing and mathematics are the solid foundation for future academic achievement, but the Lower School experience only begins there. Children use their skills to think creatively and to work cooperatively. 

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  • Sukey johnson kindergarten

    The Kindergarten Program

    The academic program of kindergarten introduces children to letter shapes and sounds, blends of letters, as well as sight words for reading and writing. Using both a whole language and phonics-based approach, children are empowered to unlock the connection between the words they hear and those they encounter in print. Writing activities include dictating stories, drawing picture and word stories, and writing words and stories using phonetic spelling. The children’s day is full of experiences in listening and speaking. They also begin to learn and practice handwriting for creating their own books.
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  • Learn Singapore Math

    Our Singapore Math curriculum is based on intellectual curiosity with number sense. Students first learn the traditional “borrow and carry” algorithm when adding and subtracting three digit numbers. Later, the teacher will revisit the same problems, challenging students to find new ways to look at the problems and solve them mentally. Because students spend considerable time in first grade analyzing the numbers that add up to ten, they tend to have a flexibility and proficiency with mental math.
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