Questions about Technology?

Contact Jason Hiett, Director of Technology
Advances in communications technology are dramatically transforming the ways communities share information. Citizens of the 21st Century live in a global community that is increasingly interconnected. As an educational institution, Ensworth is responsible for preparing our students to participate in this new world community and to serve as leaders in using the power and potential of technology as tools for growth and learning.
“By giving students a strong foundation in the technology of today, Ensworth is equipping them to be the leaders in using or even creating the next quantum step in technology for the future.”
– Jason Hiett, Director of Technology
All faculty members have ipads and laptops. Middle School and High School students are equipped with laptop computers enabling their interconnectivity to each other, to school resources, and to the internet at any time and in any location. Students are able to check and submit assignments electronically, and instructors are able to respond without waiting for the next class session.

The norm for school communication is electronic rather than paper delivery. The nature of this transformation lies in the evolution and adaptation of radically new approaches that revolutionize interconnectivity and bind us all together more closely as a community.

Just as expertise and comfort with technology benefits Ensworth students, a facility with technology also provides faculty with creative and effective ways to enhance the curriculum. Instructors are encouraged to employ the ever-improving tools of technology when they would serve to drive curricular goals.

We believe the best way to teach students how to succeed in the world's new media environment is to build technology into the fabric of school life and to make it a truly helpful tool for learning. Much like the teaching of foreign languages, the best way to learn to live in the world's new media environment is through deep immersion with the technology.

Creative Technology Center at the High School

The Creative Technology Center opened in November 2023 on our Frist Campus. This dynamic, new space allows our High School students to leverage digital resources, state-of-the-art equipment, and the technical knowledge of our faculty to further develop skills in technology and innovation.