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¡Golazo! Program Brings Community Together through Soccer

Two years ago, Ensworth students founded a two-week soccer camp for a low-income Latino community in Franklin. Called ¡Golazo!, which is Spanish for “great goal,” the camp provides children with healthy recreation and gives childcare to parents who could otherwise not afford it.
Co-founder Luke Lapre ’19 explains, “We started the camp as a way to get high school kids to try using their Spanish, and soccer seemed like the most fun way to do it.” Lapre, with the help of his parents, founded the camp with Disser Wallace ’19, Nash Crook ’19, and Jacob Taylor ’19.

Over 40 campers attended in 2016, the year of its founding. And in the next two years, over 50 attended. In 2018, Luke’s sister Anna Lapre ’21 added a one-week art component to the two-week soccer program.

Nine Ensworth high school students—Luke Lapre, Disser Wallace, Jacob Taylor, Nash Crook, Roman Child, Nyro Child, Lucas Chaveyriat, Benji Wallace, and Anna Lapre—participated in the camp in the summer of 2018.

Apart from practicing their Spanish, forming friendships, and strengthening the bonds of the wider community, the students learned the practical skill of how to run a camp.

For more information, visit the Golazo Facebook page.


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