Tiger Night Chairs 2023

Who Are This Year's Tiger Night Chairs?

Learn more about the chairs for this year's Tiger Night, the Parent Association's party and live auction benefitting Ensworth. They have been hard at work all year creating an incredible experience at Saint Elle on Saturday, February 11, at 6:30 p.m. Learn more about Stacey Advani, Carlie Cruse, Stephanie Gounder, and Mackenzie Averbuch.

What is Your Favorite Part of Chairing Tiger Night?

Stephanie: Working with such an amazing group of parent volunteers! The creativity and dedication to making Tiger Night a success among our auction committee has been such an inspiration. They have worked tirelessly to follow up with previous donors and secure new and exciting items. It has been a joy and privilege getting to know everyone on our committee and working together to raise money for the Parent Association. 
Mackenzie: 100% it's the people. Not only my wonderful co-chairs but the past chairs, the Parent Association board, and the Ensworth staff. I can’t say enough great things about all these people!
Stacey: I have absolutely loved working with my co-chairs, the committee members, and all of the Ensworth staff that makes things happen behind the scenes. They are such an incredible group of people, and I know we could not pull this off without every single person involved. So thankful for all of them and the support of all the parents at the school.
Carlie: My co-chairs are just the best — hardworking, funny, and fun. They make the long hours totally worth it.

What, if any, are your previous volunteer jobs at Ensworth?

Stephanie: Room parent, Grade 3 Coordinator
Mackenzie: Room Parent Coordinator, Sunshine, Teacher & Staff appreciation and Library committees
Stacey: I have volunteered for several committees over the years but nothing to this degree - New Parent Support, Faculty & Staff Appreciation, Library and Room Parent.
Carlie: The Teacher Appreciation Committee & the Used Uniform Sale are other fun things I’ve helped with.

What is something unique about Tiger Night this year?

Stephanie: We are excited to change things up this year with a hip DJ and entertaining emcee! 
Mackenzie: The venue.  I think it’s going to be a really fun night!
Stacey: We have some very unique and fun auction items this year that we have never had in the past and some that will not be available again in the future.  
Carlie: I love that we have a few Tiger Dads who have joined the awesome Tiger Moms on our auction committee this year!

What is a Fun Fact About You?

Stephanie: A couple of tourists once asked to be photographed with me at the Taj Mahal. Maybe it was my blonde hair? I still can't figure that one out.
Mackenzie: I went to watch some family members skydive, and my brother-in-law talked me into jumping at the very last second. So clearly, I am easily talked into things!
Stacey: I really hate soliciting, but I have sold my soul to Tiger Night and have zero shame left!
Carlie: I’m the worst at parking. I’m great at parallel parking but can’t park straight to save my life. Apologies in advance if I’m ever parked next to you!

Which auction item are you most excited about and why?

Stephanie: Definitely the songwriter experiences! One thing I love most about our city is listening to live music and hearing the stories behind the songwriting. Whether at the Bluebird Cafe, in the comfort of someone's home, or elsewhere with friends and family, I hope some of our families new to Music City will have the opportunity to experience this Nashville tradition.
Mackenzie: All the fabulous intimate dinner experiences with amazing chefs and restaurants.
Stacey: That’s so tough because we have so many good ones, but it has to be the Music City Grand Prix package! This was donated as a favor, and it will be a once-in-lifetime package that is available this year only. Super excited about that one!
Carlie: I love bidding on vacation houses at auctions, so I’m excited to have Blackberry Farm and two houses in Mexico to try to win!

Buy your Tiger Night tickets or even start bidding on items at the Tiger Night website.

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