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Students Present!

The Student Speaker Series at the High School continues to garner interest from students who want to step outside of their comfort zones to educate their peers about various topics.
Senior Morgan Humbert recently spoke about judgment. She shared how she has actually grown from people judging her, and that it's not always a bad thing. Her speech was part of an ongoing endeavor encouraging high school students to choose a topic and make a presentation in assembly as part of PCL (Prescribed Community Life).

Students also have an opportunity to present their ideas in the classroom. The Harkness method fosters comfort and ease in speaking in front of a group, instilling necessary skills for classroom presentations. Two students recently presented their Entrepreneurship projects as a part of Mr. Schneider’s Economics class.

“A Room of One’s Own” - Krsna Garr
Krsna shared her concept of a book store that would also serve as a writer’s workshop and bakery, equivalent to a Bluebird Cafe but for writers.

Bake It! - Hudson Sheer
Hudson presented an idea for a mobile bakery that would provide cooking lessons among many other things. She also provided details for expansion to a true brick-and-mortar store, as well as the possibility of “franchising” her business in the future.

Past topics include:
  • The Power of Saying No
  • Different Abilities: Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Great Expectations: Be who you are, not who people expect you to be
  • The Greatest Gift: Organ Donation
  • Eating Disorders
  • Relief Through Songs

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