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Both Campuses Celebrate Native American Indian Heritage Month

All Ensworth students across K-12 received a lively education into Native American history and culture during the month of November.
Charles Robinson, Ensworth father and Native American educator, visited both campuses in special assemblies to teach students about Native American dress, dance, music, toys, and more. His children, including his daughter Nanaiya Owns Different Horses '24, and others danced native dances, played a variety of wind instruments, and showed off handmade toys and clothing.

Students on the Red Gables Campus experienced assemblies grouped by age. Grade 3 enjoyed a special visit as part of their music class with Mrs. Wolter.

High School students held their Native American Indian Heritage Assembly on Tuesday where Mr. Robinson shared that the Frist Campus was tribal land, so it was the first time tribal dancing had taken place on this land in more than 500 years.

Charles’ non-profit educational, advocacy, and ministry organization can be found at The Red Road.

Photos from the Assemblies


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