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Dr Rob Bell

Dr. Rob Bell to Speak about Youth Mental Toughness

The Ensworth Parent Association presents a special virtual visit from Dr. Rob Bell, sport psychology coach, author, and speaker, on the topic “How to Build Mental Toughness in Our Kids.”
A former university professor, Dr. Bell has published over a dozen journal articles and has been featured on ESPN and The Golf Channel and in Runner’s World, The New York Times, and Stack Magazine. He has written seven books on the topic of mental toughness.

Bell has worked with three different winners on the PGA Tour and has served as the mental coach for the University of Notre Dame, Indy Eleven, an Indy 500 champion, an Olympic Silver medalist, an ATP Champion, and the USTA National Champion. 

He also hosts a podcast entitled 15 Minutes of Mental Toughness where he interviews experts on mental health, mental toughness, and their “Hinge Moments.”

Bell will tailor his presentations to parents of children in specific age groups: Grades 6–12 on Monday, January 25 and Grades K–5 on Tuesday, January 26. The session on Thursday, February 18 is for parents of all grade ranges. Head Varsity Golf Coach Virgil Herring will moderate the Q&A portion of each session.

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