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Grade 8 Practices Civil Discourse on Election Day

On this election day, Ensworth both celebrates our right to vote and cultivates a rigorous commitment to civil discourse within our community. Hayley Brantley’s Grade 8 students have combined civic education and civil discourse in speeches that defend specific amendments to the Constitution from the 8th to the potential 28th Amendment.
Mrs. Brantley explains, “All of my students were asked to select the amendment that they were the most curious about. They researched the amendment's history, impact, and connections to today. And then they wrote a speech about its importance. They all gave these speeches to their classes, and then their classmates chose the ones they felt were best. These students were the ones chosen, and you are about to see why. Their speeches are outstanding.”

In order of appearance, the students and their amendments are:
  • Claire Kurtz (8th Amendment)
  • Maggie Burke (8th Amendment)
  • Braxton Gunn (13th Amendment)
  • Elise Mason (19th Amendment)
  • Grace Prentice (19th Amendment)
  • Dax Martin (24th Amendment)
  • Lily Bowen (potential 28th Amendment)


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