black and orange team captain candidates

Black and Orange Captain Tradition Continues

Despite an atypical return to in-person school, the tradition of electing Black and Orange team captains from the 8th-grade class lives on.
The Grade 8 class nominates two boys and two girls for each team. The nominees then deliver short speeches to the student body as to why they should be elected captain. Then, students in Grades 4–8 vote on who they think should serve as Black and Orange captains. Although current precautions prevented a live assembly, candidates were able to pre-record their speeches. These speeches were then live-streamed to all classrooms by Mr. Corzine.

This year’s nominees were Mimi Bowen and Tess Staelin as girl candidates for the Black team, Sam Haley and Jack Watts as boy candidates for the Black team, Wynne Braemer and Grace Thompson as girl candidates for the Orange team, and Rush Buntin and William Hull as boy candidates for the Orange team.

Congratulations to our winners: Grace Thompson and Rush Buntin as Orange captains, and Mimi Bowen and Sam Haley as Black captains. Watch the great speeches of all of the candidates below.


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