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Senior Service Scholar Showcase Essays and Reflections

Despite not being able to present their Service Scholar projects, members of the Class of 2020 published essays and reflections of their noble work.
Read the online version of the publication below.

Mary Catherine Bradshaw, Service Learning Curriculum Director and editor of the publication, offered these reflections on the Service Scholars book:

“Students submitted these essays before spring break March 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic was just emerging in our lives, and Middle Tennessee had just experienced the worst tornado event in recent history. A month later at the time of final proofing for publication, our world is still in the midst of this global pandemic, and people are still displaced from the tornadoes. In this context, before final publication, my opportunity to reread these essays and reflections written by the Ensworth 2020 Service Scholars who chose to publish is more thought-provoking than ever. These essays illustrate the incredible capacity of the Ensworth service experience to facilitate the promise of the Ensworth mission to encourage students to use their talents to the fullest, be contributors to society and exercise their intellectual vitality. These essays have inspired me, and I expect that will be a shared experience for all who read them. Enjoy the read.”

Published Service Scholars

  • Charlotte Anne Alarcon: Factors Affecting Nashville’s Inner-City
  • Anisa Bhatt: Childhood Education In Nashville
  • Jessica Calloway: The True Sacrifices of Families & Children for Pediatric Hospital Visits
  • Carrie Cohen: Haitian Education
  • Grace Edwards: Literacy’s Impact in Breaking the Cycle of Poverty for Underserved Youth
  • Carrie Elcan: Tearing Down the Walls
  • Mary Hayes Greer: Incarceration and Hunger in Low-Income Families
  • Lizza Hubbard: Nutritional Choices of Impoverished Preston Taylor Ministries
  • My-Lan Le: Turnip Green Creative Reuse and the Landfill
  • Charlie Mahanes: Nashville Food Project
  • Julia Moody: McDowell County, WV: The History, Coal Mining, Social Issues & Black Lung
  • Rylie O’Neil: Time to Rise
  • Mae Mae Wallace: Poverty and Low Literacy

The following students chose not to publish their work but are recognized for their work as Service Scholars:
  • Bry’Nhyia Brazier: Attitudes Toward Education Based on Class
  • Lilly Lucas: Federal Programs for Low Income Children
  • Barrett McFerrin: Effect of Poverty on Education
  • Shealy Mischinski: Curriculum Building and Funding for Public Schools
  • Neely Moorer: Factors Contributing to Low Literacy
  • Jane Anna Vickery: Sexual Assault Public Policy

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