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Alumni Focus: Wirth Campbell '11

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The passions and professions of our alumni ​represent the lasting impact of our school’s mission statement. Read on to see ​how Wirth Campbell '11 ​is using his talents to the fullest to be a positive contributor to society. 
Tell me a little about what you remember from your experience with Fitness at Ensworth. 
Fitness at Ensworth kick-started life as I know it today. I began high school as a  5'11" chubby freshman; when I hit my growth spurt, I became 6’3 and lanky. I knew I loved sports, but had never thought much about playing past high school, and I even considered quitting football my freshman year. After my growth spurt, fitness class became not just a class I had to attend, but my favorite period of each day. Coach Perkins, Epps, and the entire staff pushed me to be the best I could be. My passion for fitness was just beginning. When playing sports in college became a possibility, it pushed that passion to the next level. 
How did interest in fitness impact your college career? What about now as an adult?
My junior and senior years were huge parts of my fitness journey. My body began to change; I gained strength and knowledge. When I would visit colleges, the first things the coaches would notice was my size, which for a high school quarterback, was great. Because of this, my confidence grew, not only in sports and fitness, but in life. I was no longer the self-conscious chubby kid. Without Ensworth fitness and the coaches who pushed me, there would have been no college football or fitness passion that I still carry with me today. Fitness has become my life as I know it. 
Tell me about your new business. What was the inspiration behind it?
TRUMAV Fitness combines what was instilled in me during Ensworth fitness and what I continued to learn during my time at Auburn. My dream became opening a gym, but I wasn’t sure how to go about it. I looked into franchises and managerial or trainer roles at pre-existing gyms in town, and then I was blessed with the opportunity to do something great with Tim McGraw. He was creating his health and wellness brand and hoping to launch the first location for his gym. I was fortunate to have known Tim since my high school days when he would attend all of our games. The opportunity arose and I couldn’t be more thankful it did. 
With TRUMAV, we wanted to create an environment where anyone, no matter what fitness level, could come, participate, and better themselves. These days, people want to look good, feel good, and continue to do so for a long time. That’s just what our classes are created to do. 
Has any routine, mantra, or regimen from the Ensworth fitness days stuck with you?
Arriving at Auburn for summer training, only weeks after graduating high school, I felt extremely prepared for everything that was thrown my way. Many teammates struggled with correct form or training knowledge, while Ensworth had equipped me with a strong foundation in fitness. I may not have been the biggest, fastest, or strongest guy on the team, but my training knowledge was above and beyond every other freshman. That knowledge has stuck with me to this day and is something I use every day at TRUMAV.

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