Summer Arts Portfolio Preparation Camera

High School Students Spend a Week in June on Visual and Performing Arts Portfolios

This past week, the first meeting of the Summer Visual and Performing Arts Portfolio Program came together in the Photo Room of the Ingram Arts Center.
Led by Director of Photography and Digital Arts, JC Johnson, in collaboration with High School Librarian, Courtney Bahr, and Visiting Visual Artist Armon Means, this course offers the opportunity for students to develop a highly curated and presentable portfolio in preparation for college applications, professional presentations, and collection of memories alike.

Through a collaborative effort, students collect and curate their own individual work from throughout the year. Visual artists, actors, poets, dancers, and musicians (many of whom are interested and active in all of the above) are all encouraged to enroll. Portfolios can be interdisciplinary, multipurpose, and multimedia-based to effectively capture each artist’s unique voice and diversity of creative mind. The program allows access to a wide array of content generated in their visual arts classes and performing arts ensembles. Students use the school's resources to create digital files that capture their 2D/3D work and gather footage from concerts, plays, and musicals held within our archives. At the end of the week, in culmination, each artist presents their final portfolio to their peers in an art school style critique to gain experience in showing and discussing their overall artistic work, artist statements, and burgeoning creative identities.

The Arts Department is excited to offer this program to help our talented students document their amazing work so that they might be able to effectively acknowledge, share, and speak to the depth and virtue of their great efforts. For inquiries about how to enroll in the program, please inquire with the Arts Department directly.


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