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The dance program offers a variety of courses for students of varying levels of experience and interest. 

Dance Courses

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  • Dance by Design

    This masters level course allows students to utilize skills developed in previous dance courses to explore further the elements of dance and how they can be used for expression, storytelling, entertainment, and visual effect. Techniques to nurture the individual creative process are explored through improvisation and movement. Students both collaborate and work individually to design original dance compositions in the styles of their choice. They also learn tools for effectively understanding and analyzing dance through the study of noteworthy choreographers throughout history. 
  • Dance for Athletes 1

    Hone your skills as an athlete while learning to appreciate the art of dance. Through the application of a variety of dance principles and styles, both male and female students work to increase agility, strength, balance, flexibility, and cardiorespiratory endurance. While designed with athletes in mind, this course is also beneficial to anyone looking for a creative way to enhance their physical fitness. Note: Tights are not required for participation in this course. While students may have the opportunity to perform outside of class, it is not a requirement. 
  • Dance for Athletes 2

    In this course, students build upon the foundation of technique and skills learned in Dance for Athletes 1 in order to enhance their athletic performance. Through the study of more advanced sequences in ballet, tap, hip-hop, and stretching, students increase in their ability and appreciation for the art of dance in ways that can be usefully applied to their everyday lives. While students may have the opportunity to perform outside of class, it is not a requirement. Note: Tights are not required for participation in this course.
  • Music Video Dance

    Have you ever wanted to glide like Michael Jackson, strut like Beyoncé, or break it down like 42
    Usher? In this course we take a journey through the history of dance in music videos, grooving our way through iconic dance videos from the past as well as today’s top video hits. This course is designed for both the novice and the experienced dancer. Together we learn classic choreography and explore how various performers throughout history have influenced music videos. While students in this course may have the opportunity to perform on occasion, it is not a requirement. 
  • Music Video Dance

    This course further explores the art of dance in the context of music videos. Students learn more advanced sequences of choreography at a faster pace; they also explore movement dynamics and musicality on a deeper level. Additionally, this course provides students the opportunity to develop their own choreographic voices by collaborating to create an original music video.

Dance Ensembles

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  • Dance Company

    This ensemble is a select troupe of dancers whose prior training has prepared them to learn and rehearse artistically and technically challenging choreography. Students are expected to demonstrate improvement in all areas of performing, including teamwork, individual artistry, and technique. Throughout the year, students work toward building a repertoire that includes a variety of dance styles and culminates in a spring concert. Participation in rehearsals and performances outside of class is required. 

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    Ensworth Partners with MOVE Inclusive Dance

    The opportunity to connect with charitable organizations that serve fellow Nashvillians is one of the greatest benefits of Ensworth's Service Learning program. One natural connection has come recently with MOVE Inclusive Dance and Ensworth's Dance Company.
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