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Pancake Breakfast

The first Pancake Breakfast was held in April 1981. The Grade 8 students decided that the breakfast would be their class project to help raise funds for the class gift to the school, to be presented at their graduation ceremony. The students cooked and served the meal themselves, helping to feed six hundred people in two hours.
Since that first year, the Pancake Breakfast has become a much-anticipated Grade 8 tradition. Faculty advisors work with the students to assign responsibilities before and on the day of the event. Students sell tickets, make breakfast, serve breakfast to more than 1,000 people, sell donuts, and clean up after the event. The Pancake Breakfast is attended by students and faculty from both campuses, parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends. Each Grade 8 student is given a specially designed apron to wear that day. It has become a tradition for all of the students to sign each other’s aprons, creating a keepsake to remember the day forever. Proceeds are often given to a charity chosen by the Grade 8 students.