Student Life
Life at Ensworth

House Competitions

The House Competitions at the high school campus began in the 2008-2009 school year. The house names—Morality, Truth, Vitality, and Integrity—were drawn from the Mission and Vision Statements and were decided upon by the students. Students are assigned to a house at the beginning of their Grade 9, remaining in those houses for the rest of their time at the high school. At the beginning of the year, each house elects two senior captains, a male and female. These captains help create activities throughout the year, and they lead their team during Spirit Week and help build spirit within the student body.
Throughout the school year, the houses compete in different activities that result in points earned for the respective houses. Events vary from quiz bowl to powder puff football, to swimming relays, to competitive dress days. At the end of the school year, all of the captains are recognized at Awards Day, and the coveted Devon Cup is awarded to the two captains of the winning house.