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Seniors Apply Knowledge through Capstones

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Ensworth’s Capstone Program gives students the opportunity to engage in an extensive exploration of a passion or interest that is above and beyond academic courses and extracurricular involvements—though it is often the product of weaving multiple inspirations into one.

May Presentations

Krsna Garr: “My Muse”
Braden Peets: “The Creation of a Short Story through the Medium of Film”

Owen Shaffer:
“North American Celestial Bodies in Astrophotography”
AJ Wikner: “Manipulated Photographs through History”
Vivian Morrow: “Places Lost to Time - In Film” 
Morgan Humbert: “Depictions of Musicians through Photography”
Nina Ralsky: “The Sustainability of Luxury Brands”

DJ Weinstein:
“The Impact of 3D Technology on Transcatheter Mitral Valve Replacements”
Edie Bass: “The Power of One” 
Nhi-Ha Le: “The Rudiments of Economic Inequality: An Analysis on the Presence of Economic Inequality through the Eyes of Philosophers”
Trent Conley: “Chasing Entropy: A Journey to Computationally Analyze a Brownian Ratchet” 
Emma Noonan: “An Investigation into the History of Human Genetics and Its Impact on the Definition of Human Life"
Marshall Wilt: “Covid-19-Related Female Unemployment and the Economy”
Ella Hartman: “Creating an EP”

January Presentations

Alea Clark: “Can Allergens Cause Arthritis? An Analysis of the Connection between Allergic Responses and Immune-mediated Medical Conditions, plus Potential Therapeutics”
Harper Dale: “What the People Say: A Capstone Analyzing Gender Differences Between Generations from the 1950s to Today”
Lanie Dyke: “The Latino Vote in U.S. Presidential Elections”
Jonathan Smith: “Aerodynamic Impact of In-Flight Damage”

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