Student Life
Life at Ensworth

Charter Book Signing

The Book Signing has been a tradition at the high school campus since the opening of its doors. It is the first official ceremony students take part in when entering the high school. Students line up outside of Founders Hall in alphabetical order, waiting for the Dean of Students to call their name to enter. Upon entrance to Founders Hall, students walk up to the podium and receive the signing pen from the Dean of Admissions. Students’ names are read aloud as they sign, and they shake hands with the Head of the High School and the Head of School. Students then proceed through the hallway, which is lined with faculty cheering them on and congratulating them. Once the signing is done, everyone convenes at the opening assembly.
The same leatherbound book with the Ensworth seal has been used since the founding of the high school. The first names in the book are from the charter faculty and staff. Following them are the original department chairs, the faculty from the first year, the Board of Trustees from 2004, and the students of the graduating class of 2008. Each year the new faculty and new students sign the book.