Middle School at Ensworth

Self-Discovery & Independence

The Middle School years represent a significant transition from childhood to adolescence. Faculty in the Middle School strike an appropriate balance between nurture and challenge as they help students develop key social, emotional, and academic skills. As the leaders of the Red Gables Campus, students gain capacity and confidence by learning new ways to become responsible, contributing members of the community.

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    Supplemental Instruction Period

    Supplemental Instruction Period (SIP) is a part of the daily schedule when students can seek extra help from teachers, gather in study groups, or participate in clubs.
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    Class Trips

    Overnight class trips begin in Grade 5, offering opportunities to build relationships and gain new perspectives outside the classroom.
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    After School Programs

    After school, students can participate in athletics, theater, debate, music ensembles, dance, Student Council, robotics, and other teacher-led activities.
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    Student Leadership

    Because of our two-campus structure, Middle School students have a valuable opportunity to serve as leaders of the K-8 program.
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    Life Classes

    Life Classes promote positive relationships, personal health, study skills, and time management.
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    Hands-On Learning

    From the interdisciplinary memory project in Grade 7 to the Presidential Leadership Debates in Grade 8 History, Middle School teachers incorporate engaging, hands-on activities across the curriculum to bring learning to life.