Ensworth School is governed by a board of trustees consisting of elected members, permanent members and several ex officio members. Ensworth's board of trustees is responsible for setting policy and the fiscal well-being of the school. Additionally, the board oversees the hiring of the Head of School. 

The term board members are elected to three-year terms and can serve two consecutive terms. Individuals are nominated by the Governance Committee and elected by the board members.

Board of Trustees

T.J. Wilt, President
Bruce Moore, Vice-President
Christi Turner, Secretary
Phil Krebs, Treasurer
John Jacobson, Counsel

E. McBride Bass*
Kathryn Brown
Amy Christiansen
Beth Courtney
Bruce Crosby
Persephone Felder-Fentress
Ben Freeland
Jennifer Frist
Trish C. Frist*
Craig Goguen
Chad Greer
Sam Hazen
Phil Hertik
Phyllis Hildreth
Will Morrow
Josephine Smithwick
Jamee Thompson

David Braemer, Ex Officio - Head of School
Britt Horn, Ex Officio - President, Ensworth Parent Association
Barbara Smith, Ex Officio - President-Elect, Ensworth Parent Association
Jonathan Gluck, Ex officio - President, Ensworth Alumni Council

*Indicates Permanent Trustee