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Faculty Profiles: Kelly Goorevich

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In every issue of Ensights, we take a closer look at the talent and dedication behind Ensworth's faculty. Here we learn about Kelly Goorevich, Grade 5 Teacher.
What inspired you to become a teacher? I think I’ve always known I wanted to be a teacher. I come from a long line of teachers and professors, so the work of educating has always been a family conversation. As a child, I used to play teacher and spent hours designing projects for the neighborhood kids when we played school. What I love most about teaching is that teaching and learning are interdependent. One does not exist without the other.

What drew you to Ensworth? I had an opportunity to visit Ensworth before moving to Nashville from Toronto, Ontario. The smiling and enthusiastic children were a draw. It was crystal clear that Ensworth students loved and respected their school and were engaged learners and welcoming individuals. The campus was beautiful, and everyone greeted each other by names with smiles. Ultimately, though, it was the Lower School faculty that drew me in. This community of professionals is talented and inspiring. They are compassionate, professionally driven, and committed to improving their craft, developing their knowledge, and supporting the lives of young people and families. They are gifted educators, committed to preparing students to be successful both in and out of the classroom. I feel so fortunate to work among them.

How has fifth grade evolved/changed since you have been here? When I first started at Ensworth, there were four homeroom teachers, and our program was structured very much like the fourth grade program: math and science taught together and English, writing, and history taught together. After David Braemer’s first year at Ensworth, he expanded our fifth grade, making us an entry year. We added an additional class, bringing our program to five homeroom teachers. As teachers, we were empowered to create a fifth grade program that became a bridge between Lower School and the Middle School program. At Ensworth, the fifth grade is still part of the Lower School, which is unusual in Nashville, and we have created a dynamic program designed to prepare and transition our Lower School students for Middle School. Fifth grade students have three to four academic subject teachers, six Specials, and physical education.

What do you think makes Ensworth unique? One thing that makes Ensworth unique is its commitment to innovation in teaching, balanced by a long standing history of traditions.

What is your favorite Ensworth tradition (or a favorite Ensworth memory) and why? Land Between the Lakes is my favorite fifth grade tradition at Ensworth. Each spring, the fifth grade boards our coach busses and heads out to Dover, TN for three days of outdoor learning, community building, and fun. Students sleep in bunk beds, canoe, hike through the woods, fish, and enjoy hours of fun. After campfires and s’mores and star gazing, we return to Ensworth to an enriched community. While we’ve missed the last two years at Land Between the Lakes because of COVID, we will return to LBL the first chance we get.

List a few fun facts about yourself that people might not know.
  • I am the youngest of four children and an identical twin.
  • I grew up in Buffalo, NY (go Bills!) and have lived in five states, Italy, and Canada. I still call Buffalo home. As a Buffalo girl, I love the snow. TN thinks they know snow, but they don’t know snow.
  • I am a level one Crossfit trainer.
  • I love traveling, eating, and cooking. I’ll try just about any food, and I love cooking Asian foods, particularly sauces.
  • I may be the worst baker in TN. Once I made chocolate chip cookies with salt instead of sugar.

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