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Faculty Profiles: Paolo Guazzini

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In every issue of Ensights, we take a closer look at the talent and dedication behind Ensworth's faculty. Here we learn about Paolo Guazzini, Middle School Spanish Teacher.
What inspired you to become a teacher? In many ways, I have always been teaching. I started in high school coaching eighth grade soccer and teaching 2–4 year olds to swim at a summer camp. In college, I had an internship at the Children’s Home in Winston Salem, North Carolina. When I was completing my first master’s degree at Barry University, I was the assistant service learning coordinator and covered undergrad classes when needed. I did not focus on the idea of teaching until I arrived at Nashville and was working at Family and Children’s Service, a local nonprofit, assisting the Latinx community navigate the healthcare system. These moments allowed me to witness an empowerment that only comes through education, and it was at that moment when I understood what I really wanted to do.

What drew you to Ensworth? For the past six years since arriving in Nashville, I had heard about Ensworth from friends and acquaintances who either attended in their childhood or simply knew of the school’s reputation. Either way, Ensworth was always spoken about in such high regard, it was a no-brainer when the opportunity arose to teach here. My wife and I always heard about the relationships and community formed at Ensworth, which are qualities that we value most since it is community that shapes us and helps us grow.

What do you think makes Ensworth unique? Ensworth is unique because of the community. I have never known a school where generations of alumni come back with such enthusiasm. They are excited to be back, and they are excited for their children or grandchildren to be here, which demonstrates the love and care that is being fostered on these campuses.

How will the new, immersive World Language classrooms for Lower School also benefit the MS program? The new World Language classrooms will provide an incredible opportunity for the teachers to showcase all of their talents. The Lower School World Language teachers have been amazing throughout this year as they were moving around and taking their classrooms on their carts. Having their own rooms will allow them to shine even more, which inevitably will allow the students to be even more engaged and spark a curiosity to acquire a second (or third) language as they move on to middle school.

What is your favorite Ensworth tradition (or a favorite Ensworth memory) and why? My favorite tradition is the reading buddies program that connects our seventh graders with the first graders. This is such an amazing opportunity for the seventh graders to serve their younger peers, and the little ones will always remember their cool reading buddy.

List a few fun facts about yourself that people might not know.
  • I am a fan of futbol/calcio/soccer.
  • I speak three languages (Spanish, Italian and English), and can order a sandwich in French.
  • I am left-handed. All left-handed people immediately will notice a fellow lefty.

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