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Roseann and Aashish Shah

Faces of the PA: Roseann Rogers and Aashish Shah

the Parent Association
Roseann and Aashish serve as the chairs of the High School New Parent Welcome Committee. 
The committee's dedicated and enthusiastic parents are leading the charge in welcoming new parents to our Ensworth community with open arms. In addition to providing an outlet for meeting other new parents through coffees, cocktails, outdoor walks, and more, the Committee also helps parents find volunteer opportunities and get involved with the PA. In 2021-2022, the New Parent Welcome Committee will be more important than ever as our new parents (from last year and this year) join us for IN-PERSON events and get to volunteer ON-CAMPUS. So, without further ado, let’s learn more about our fearless committee leaders!

Roseann, Aashish, and their son Nikhil, know what it’s like to be new. They relocated from Houston last year when Nikhil was entering his sophomore year. Aashish was recruited to Sarah Cannon, the Cancer Institute of HCA Healthcare, and then joined HCA Corporate. Roseann, an Emmy winner, known as “The Buzz Lady” for her arts and entertainment television news features, joined iHeartMedia-Nashville in Strategic Partnerships & Brand Marketing. Ironically, Roseann now works in the same building where she began her broadcasting career while still in college. The couple enjoys hiking in Percy Warner Park and, as huge Titans fans, they can’t wait to get back in the stands to cheer on their team!

What was your experience as new Ensworth parents? Our first year at Ensworth was really about seeking out opportunities to connect. It was very important to us to be involved in the school just as we have been in Houston so we took a very deliberate and bespoke approach to connecting with fellow parents. We reached out and met with parents, hosted (socially distanced) dinners and got involved with fundraising. We are grateful for those fellow parents who took us under their wings and helped us connect. It was also amazing how many non-Ensworth parents introduced us to their Ensworth friends—a clear testament to the school’s reputation and culture. Of course, we also participated in several PA new parent events, including a breakfast and walk at Percy Warner Park. All in all, it’s been a great year of learning. We are looking forward to being the HS New Parent Welcome chairs and helping new parents and families integrate into the Ensworth community.

What made you feel welcome in the community? Without a doubt, there were two people who really made the greatest impact in welcoming us to the Ensworth community. First was Ann West, the Director of Admissions. We would have been lost without her. She was a constant supporter and resource for us throughout this first year at Ensworth. She helped connect us with other Texas families as well as giving us the ins and outs of the school. We joked that she was our guidance counselor at Ensworth! Second was Head Baseball Coach Jason Maxwell. He welcomed us as baseball parents. Because he spent time in Houston, we had a shared background. Most importantly, we saw the time and effort he spent making Nikhil feel welcome and providing him with guidance.

As the High School New Parent Welcome Chairs, what are you most excited about next year? We’re so excited to serve in this role. We certainly appreciate what it’s like to move into a new community and school. We hope to make parents and students feel connected to the Ensworth family and establish new relationships. We are looking forward to bringing people together and helping parents connect through social and networking events.

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