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Faces of the PA: Roochita Mathur

the Parent Association
Roochita serves as the chair of the Lower/Middle School New Parent Welcome Committee.
The committee's dedicated and enthusiastic parents are leading the charge in welcoming new parents to our Ensworth community with open arms. In addition to providing an outlet for meeting other new parents through coffees, cocktails, outdoor walks, and more, the Committee also helps parents find volunteer opportunities and get involved with the PA. In 2021-2022, the New Parent Welcome Committee will be more important than ever as our new parents (from last year and this year) join us for IN-PERSON events and get to volunteer ON-CAMPUS. So, without further ado, let’s learn more about our fearless committee leaders!

Roochita is a busy mom of three who loves making new friends, traveling the world, and reading for her book club. She works with her husband, Abhishek, on their family’s various business ventures and serves as the Co-chair of Philanthropy for EveryOneHuman, a non-profit dedicated to restoring dignity and freedom for survivors of extreme human exploitation.

When you were a new Ensworth parent, what made you feel welcome in the community? We were lucky to enjoy a wonderful Kindergarten year and are still close friends with a lot of the families we met in that first year! The parent gatherings gave us a great opening to meet other parents and cultivate those friendships.

What do you hope to accomplish in the next year? My goal for the coming year is to ensure that each new family knows they have a place in our community. I would also love to help make up some of the missed events from last year for the 2020 Kindergarten class to give them the benefit of the full Ensworth experience!

What brought you to Ensworth? I grew up in Nashville but moved away for 12 years to NYC. My husband brought us back south for work and was the one who encouraged me to look into private schools. Despite my initial insistence at sending the kids through the Brentwood schooling system where I attended school, I quickly fell in love with so much that Ensworth had to offer—from all the resources my kids have available to them to the welcoming community on every level. Four years in and we haven’t looked back since!

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