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Civil Discourse During the 2020 Election

Faculty and Students at the High School
In anticipation of a potentially divisive and contentious election cycle in November, faculty and students at the High School worked together to develop a set of values to help promote understanding and respect among members of the community and ensure a safe and inclusive environment for all.

Student Statement

As student members of the Ensworth community, we strive to:

CREATE a safe and inclusive environment where all opinions are valued and heart, discussions are civil, and individuals are not ostracized or bullied for speaking their minds.

RESPECT each other by acknowledging differences of opinion, listening to each other, and learning from each other.

RECOGNIZE that every member of our community is more than their political view even though their political view is developed by their own life experiences.

REMEMBER that our common ground is that we are all human beings who need love, empathy, and understanding in order to succeed.

Faculty Statement

As professional educators in the Ensworth community, we strive to:

MODEL the values of love, kindness, and decency as we promote civil discourse and learning from those who hold differing views. 

ENCOURAGE questioning, discussion, collaboration, and the respectful exchange of ideas.

SUPPORT our students by remaining fair and impartial in our personal response to events outside of school.

APPROACH every student with respect and empathy, understanding that views span the entire ideological spectrum.

DE-ESCALATE situations between community members when necessary.

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