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Awards Day 2019

High School Students Recognized for Academic Achievement in 2018-2019 Year

The High School Awards Day Ceremony on Thursday, May 23 honored the academic achievement of the following students during the 2018-2019 academic year.
This distinction is awarded to those students who earn Optime Merens for both semesters of a school year. Students who do so for one year earn one-bar pin; those who do so for two years earn two-bar pins, and so on. Students who graduate from Ensworth’s high school, having earned Optime Merens for every semester all four years, earn four-bar pins.

Optime Merens recognizes students who earn a GPA of at least 90 in all their academic courses in a semester and who have no individual academic semester grade below 75.

Four Bar Pins

Grade 12

Thomas Awad
Chazzy Bailey
Hailey Braemer
Julia Chang
Liam Ferris
Rowan Freiberg
Caroline Frist
Corrina Gill
Serena Howard
Marie Kaiser
Shoshana Kelner
Elizabeth Perrone
John Smalley

Three Bar Pins

Grade 11

Chalotte Anne Alarcon
Anisa Bhatt
Briggs Blevins
Drew Byers
Jessica Calloway
Nyro Child
Carrie Cohen
Ryan Crants
Nabeeh Daouk
Carrie Elcan 
Tommy Gaither
Lila Hunt
My-Lan Le
Charlie Mahanes
Anne Elizabeth Morgan
Colin Murray
John Noonan
Rylie O'Neil
Paul Park
Sara Pickrell
Dante Rodriguez
Jane Anna Vickery
Madeline Wall
Mae Mae Wallace
Jordan Williams

Grade 12

Mary Caroline Carney
Nash Crook
Ben Firestone
Andy Garside
Lauren Hall
Scottie Koehner
MacAllister Mason
Audrey Pulliam
William Seitz
Blaine Spitzer
Patrick Vandenbergh

Two Bar Pins

Grade 10

Meghan Bailey
Brooks Bradbury Fawns
Dax Braemer
Kylianne Broughton
Jess Bryan
Lucy Butler
Claire Chidsey
Salwa Daouk
Sara Daugherty
Allie Duke
Chloe Edwards
Alexis Elcan
Patrick France
Vanessa Frigon
Annabel Frist
Jaqueline Frist
Liam Frumkin
Lainey Garside
Witt Grana
Claire Haley
Nell Harris
Sarah Herbert
Hayden Horn
Caroline Humphrey
Claire Humphrey
Drew Lancaster
Anna Lapre
Noah Lucy
Amelia Mullis
Anna Munson
Evan Petty 
Chloe Rollins
Elizabeth Saltsman
Alice Scarpero
Emma Sitarich
Avery Smith
Ben Smitherman
Kelile Southwell
Sachi Srivastava
Ella Talerico
William Vreeland
Lilliie Waddell
Patrick Winecoff
Andrew Yu

Grade 11

Lucas Chaveyriat
Virginia Elliott
Lily Martin
Julia Moody
Kaitlin Patel
Tyler Spissu

Grade 12

Lindsey Armistead
Rose Civitts
Melanie Comoglio
Seve Ortale
Marianna Staff
Disser Wallace

One Bar Pin

Grade 9

Emma Armistead
Edie Bass
Maddie Bradley
Anna Brock
Bella Chadwick
Indie Charles
Riley Collins
Katherine Dagley
Harper Dale
Karim Daouk
Sofia DeAngelis
LiLi Dellinger
Catherine Duvall
Lanie Dyke
Sofia Fagin
Jasmine Finlay
Gray Fleetwood
Cambria Fong
Maeve Glattes
Scout Halligan
Emily Harris
Ella Hartman
Sam Horn
Belle Huddleston
Morgan Humbert
Sloan Hurwitz
Anna Jackson
Phoebe Kyriopoulos
Amelia Laffer
Nhi-Ha Le
Lillian Lewis
Spencer Linn
Ellie Mahlendorf
Adelaide Mason
Andrew McCloud
Hadley McCormack
Claire McGehee
John Morrow
Vivian Morrow
Emma Noonan
Anne Catherine Oeser
Olivia Prentice
Ella Quaedvlieg
Nina Ralsky
Genevieve Schaefer
Owen Shaffer
DJ Weinstein
AJ Wikner
Marshall Wilt

Grade 10

Jasper Bosch
Maggie Faber
Addison Francis
Maddie Hand
Ian Jaffe
Rob McCall
Devin Obee
Esther Okai-Tetteh
Kaiya Wynn

Grade 11

Gabriel Abram
Roman Child
Evan Cooley
Ella Grace Dillard
Christianna Ferrari
Lucas Ingram
Eliza Milne

Grade 12

Georgie Haynes
Mary Chandler McGuffin
Presleigh Murray
Ashley Settles
Gracie Sinks

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