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High school teacher and student talking in the quad


Lower school students at field day

Orange & Black

Orange and Black are not just Ensworth’s school colors; they are the basis of a long-standing spirited tradition that dates back to the 1960s. When students are in Kindergarten at Ensworth, they are assigned to the Orange or Black team, and they remain an “Orange” or “Black” throughout their time at the Lower/Middle School. Family members are always assigned to the same team, adding a generational element to the tradition. 

Grandparents & Special Friends Day

Grandparents & Special Friends Day was first held at Ensworth in May of 1970. It was started at the suggestion of the Board of Trustees that it was important to have “a specific day set aside for the purpose of inviting the grandparents to visit the school to observe how it functions during a working day.” The first Grandparents Day was so successful that Headmaster Esty Foster agreed it should be made an annual event. 




Ensworth students at a Patchwork assembly


Patchwork assemblies bring some of the most prolific and talented authors, illustrators, and entertainers to Red Gables Campus several times a year to talk to our students about their work. These artists have been recognized widely, including four Newbery Medals, three Coretta Scott King Awards, one Caldecott Medal, and even one Grammy. No matter the guest’s profession or the visit’s format, Patchwork has always maintained a commitment to sharing inspiring stories through books and personal interaction. 

Pancake Breakfast

In April 1981, Grade 8 students decided to hold a breakfast for the Ensworth community to raise money for a class gift to the school. The students cooked and served the meal themselves, feeding 600 people in two hours, and just like that, the Pancake Breakfast was born.




Grade 8 students with Tiger Bags from kindergarten

Tiger Bags

Each Kindergartener receives a canvas tote bag with their name and teacher written on it and Ensworth's mascot, the Tiger, emblazoned on the side. Tiger Bags promote independence, inspire confidence, and identify them as the youngest Tigers on campus.

House Competitions

The House Competitions at the high school campus began in the 2008-2009 school year. The house names—Morality, Truth, Vitality, and Integrity—come from the school's Mission and Vision statements and were decided upon by the students. Students are assigned to a house at the beginning of their Grade 9, remaining in those houses for the rest of their time at the high school. 


HIgh school students during a house competition


High school student signing the charter book at Ensworth

Charter Book Signing

The Book Signing has been a tradition at the high school campus since the opening of its doors. It is the first official ceremony students take part in when entering the high school. Students line up outside of Founders Hall in alphabetical order, waiting for the Dean of Students to call their name to enter. Upon entrance to Founders Hall, students walk up to the podium and receive the signing pen from the Dean of Admissions. Students’ names are read aloud as they sign, and they shake hands with the Head of the High School and the Head of School. Students then proceed through the hallway, which is lined with faculty cheering them on and congratulating them. Once the signing is done, everyone convenes at the opening assembly.

Senior Tiles

Each senior at Ensworth is tasked with creating a senior tile. This program provides each senior with a unique and creative opportunity to leave his or her artistic mark on the High School Campus. Seniors can design their tile with their initials or a design that represents their personality and their time at Ensworth.  Completed tiles are displayed on the walls of the high school.


Senior Tiles


Girls laughing on field day