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High school teacher and student talking in the quad

Class Retreats & Trips

Excursions into the community have always been a part of Ensworth’s program. Whether it be a trip to Cheekwood or Washington, D.C., students participate in off-campus trips to complement their learning in the classroom. All excursions provide opportunities for students to bond with fellow students and faculty members. Through exposure to new environments and activities, students expand their horizons and challenge their perspectives. Through these shared experiences, classes learn to work together and relate book-learning to real life.

Class retreats begin in Grade 5. For the first retreat, the class goes to Land Between the Lakes in Kentucky. The Grade 6 students travel to the New River in West Virginia, experiencing whitewater rafting and learning about river ecology. Seventh grade learns teamwork and outdoor skills with a trip to the Nantahala Outdoor Center. The Grade 8 trip to Washington D.C. is one of the oldest class retreat traditions, beginning in 1961. The class explores all aspects of the city, enjoying museums, sports competitions, and the monuments that bring their study of American History to life.

The high school community has continued the tradition of class retreats each year. Soon after school begins, Grades 9 and 10 travel to off-campus sites to strengthen the bonds among classmates. Grades 11 and 12 spend some fun time with classmates, but also take part in workshops designed to facilitiate their college search processes. Grade 12 students enjoy a special class trip just before Graduation in the spring.