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Aftercare & Enrichments

Registration for Fall and Winter Aftercare, Enrichments, & Clubs will open on Wednesday, July 24 at 10 a.m.


Starting on Thursday, August 15, 2024, Aftercare is available for students in Grades K through 8. Aftercare pickup will take place in the Aftercare room, which you can locate via the loop road next to the sports field. 

Experienced college students and teachers facilitate this service, coordinating a variety of activities and helping with homework. Students are given a choice of activities under the guidance of the staff. Students may enroll in Aftercare on a regular or occasional basis. All Aftercare charges will be billed through CampBrain.

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Aftercare operates from 3:00–5:45 p.m. Monday–Thursday, and 3:00–5:30 p.m. on Fridays. Aftercare is open only on school days. Aftercare is not open on days when classes are not in session, or on days when school is canceled due to weather or facility issues, or there is an early dismissal.

All students choose their own activities during Aftercare. Choices include a variety of games and other activities, outdoor recreation, arts and crafts, and creative opportunities. Students may choose other activities or just relax with friends in a safe, friendly environment. The staff is always ready to help with homework, to play games, and to talk and listen. On some days, age-appropriate (G, PG) movies will be shown.

All reservations can be made on CampBrain. Families may register for standing reservations by day as needed. Multi-day discounts will be applied after registration is complete. Rates and discount information are provided below. The charge for Aftercare is $25 per day for advanced registration, single-day service. If you know that your child will need Aftercare on a regular basis per semester, standing reservations are recommended.

Days/Week Cost
1 day/week $425/semester
2 days/week $825/semester
3 days/week $1025/semester
4 days/week $1325/semester
5 days/week $1625/semester

Parents whose children remain past closing will be charged the overtime fee of $1 per minute per child. All Aftercare fees are billed through CampBrain upon registration. Upon registration, a $50 deposit will be charged. This will be applied towards the first payment. Once online registration is complete, the Business Office will apply the appropriate multi-day discounts and payment plans will reflect the fee structure listed in the chart.


Lower School Enrichments

Enrichment programs for Lower School begin on Tuesday, September 3, 2024 . Programs are available for students in Grades K-5. Students can explore such offerings as chess, Lego Club, and sports clinics. Enrichments are offered seasonally, offering the opportunity to try out many different clubs and activities. Below are some current afterschool enrichment opportunities.   Preview Programs 

Middle School Clubs

Afterschool clubs and activities begin on Monday, September 9, 2024 for Middle School. Programs are available for students in Grades 6-8. Enrichments are offered seasonally, and students are encouraged to try everything to discover and develop their talents. Below are some current afterschool enrichment opportunities.   Preview Programs


Oren Goldring

Oren Goldring

Director of Auxiliary Programs
Cody Hudson

Cody Hudson

Assistant Director of Aftercare & Auxiliary Programs Coordinator