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Rock Climbing Club Dance Company MS Girls Soccer HVAC champs

Fall Teams and Clubs Shine in Post-Season

The Middle School Girls’ Soccer Team, the Rock Climbing Club, the High School Dance Company, and the Mountain Bike Team all saw successes in their respective championships over the past week.
The Middle School Girls’ Soccer Team claimed the Harpeth Valley Athletic Conference (HVAC) Division A title on Thursday, November 15. The game ended in a penalty shootout against Lipscomb Academy, with a final score of 4-2.

The High School Dance Company competed in the state championships at MTSU on Saturday, November 17. The team finished as State Runners-Up in the Small Varsity Jazz Division.

The High School Rock Climbing Club competed in Climb Nashville’s High School League, taking top honors with a co-ed group.

And the new Mountain Biking Team, consisting of boys and girls from the middle and high schools, competed in its first state championship. Read the story about this pioneering group of riders here.

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