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Alumni in the Arts: Andrew Gallivan '10

by Nancy Keen Palmer-Gift '03
A self-described rebel, Andrew Gallivan ’10 found kindred spirits in faculty members Myra McLarey and David Lovell. He notes that a strong sense of nurturing the individual was prevalent in his high school experience and recognizes the same flame of confident individuality present within his peers. Representing the third class for the High School Campus, the Class of 2010 was indeed a group of students leading the way, carving a fresh path that others would follow. “It’s not a coincidence that we all have the confidence and drive to pursue our interests,” Andrew observes. “At Ensworth, your point of view matters.”
Andrew’s own point of view is expressed through his fashion line, Andrew Gallivan LLC. He is in his second year designing for and maintaining his own business, an edgy fashion line for women looking to add versatile staple garments to their wardrobe. His line was present in Nashville Fashion Week, and he designed custom dresses for attendees at this year’s Swan Ball, but those are merely the hometown roots of his growing fashion enterprise.
Andrew graduated from the Pratt Institute in 2012 and has been designing clothes since his Ensworth days. While his talent is uniquely his own, he credits his time at Ensworth in preparing him for what was to come next. “From the academics, to the arts, to the fitness program, Ensworth provided a really good base platform for entering college and the real world,” he comments. “I find some of my best habits are ingrained in me from my time at school.”
We look forward to watching Andrew’s craft continue to unfold.

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