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Middle School Robotics

This past weekend, Ensworth robotics competed in the First LEGO League (FLL) State Tournament. Ensworth was represented by two competitive robotics team this season; a sixth grade team and seventh/eighth grade combined team. Both teams progressed through the Nashville Qualifier in December, with the sixth grade winning the third place Champion’s Award. In the state tournament, our seventh/eighth grade robotics team received first place in the Gracious Professionalism category at the State Tournament.
For the state tournament, there are three main requirements. First, teams are required to build and program a LEGO-based robot and complete challenges for the Robot Game. Secondly, they must do a “core presentation” about how they incorporated First LEGO League (FLL) core values like teamwork, cooperation, and sportsmanship into their projects. Finally, teams are required to complete a research project centered around the topic of the year. This year, the topic was “Animal Allies,” which called on teams to find a problem that arises from the relationship between animals and humans. Teams then had to propose a solution to help alleviate the problem. Our sixth grade team researched poaching, and our seventh and eighth grade team researched the effects of sonar on marine animals.

We are proud of our robotics teams, and look forward to all they accomplish in the future. Way to go, Tigers!

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