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HS Assembly Guest Speaker, Dr. Brown

This week, our High School assembly had a special guest speaker, Dr. Sybril Brown. Dr. Brown spoke to the students about the effects of social media and the ramifications that reach far beyond a device’s screen.
Her talk stressed the importance of knowing your rights, using social media responsibly, and learning the difference between “leasing” out information and “owning” your own information. As we send more and more information out on social media, Dr. Brown explained, that is giving others the opportunity to lease that information from us. If we own our information, through physical photos, records, books, etc., we have control over where it goes and who can see it. Dr. Brown stressed, though, that while social media and our evolving, connected world at large, can be a little scary, we just need training.

This assembly was a great intro for our legal realities seminar that’s happening tomorrow, Thursday, from 6:30-7:30 at the Theater in the Ingram Arts Center. Students from grades 8 to 12 are encouraged to come, as they will learn about laws pertaining to social media and how to navigate the confusing waters of social media. Parents from all grades are welcome.

In this continually changing and electronically-connected world, Ensworth is happy to have experts share their advice and stories with our students to keep them safe, happy, and thriving.

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