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6th Grade Ancient Greek Project

Mr. Scott’s sixth grade World History class has been transported back in time to Ancient Greece. From donning their chiltons (what you and I know as togas), to debating at the assembly and competing in the Olympics, these students have done it all.
I was able to stop by Mr. Scott’s class last week for a lively debate on colonialism, women’s rights, and slavery. The students were each assigned to a social issue, but the rest was up to them. They had to come up with arguments (pro and con) and then debate back and forth in front of the class. At the end of each debate, the class took a vote based on which side presented their argument the best. During the debates, students had fun presenting their cases and got to work on their public speaking skills.

Today, I was able to stop by Mr. Scott's class to see the Olympic games in action. After a tense battle of the wits, a plank contest that lasted over 4 minutes, a long jump contest, an intense battle of thumb wars, and a jousting contest on bosu balls, I was cheering right along with the four teams. The students will be participating in the Olympics Games for the rest of the week, with the unit on Ancient Greece ending next Tuesday.  I will be sad to see the chiltons put away - Go, greeks!

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