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Faculty Five with Mr. Champion

Catch up with Mr. Champion, beloved 4th grade teacher and Ensworth parent.
What's your favorite thing about Ensworth?
I truly enjoy having a dual role at Ensworth as both a parent and as a teacher. I love being able to experience the school through my own children's eyes.

Do you have more black or orange in your closet?
For my children's sake, I should say black, but it if I am being honest there is probably more orange.

What is your favorite thing about teaching?
I love the chance to improve my craft. I am always trying to improve my teaching methods and ideas. I am thankful that Ensworth provides teachers the opportunities to pursue professional development.

What is your favorite spot in town?
My front yard. Love kicking the soccer ball or throwing the football with my kids. I also love watching them ride their bikes and scooters up and down the street.

What do you hope students take away from your class?
Hopefully, they take away an increased joy of math and science. I also want them to continue to believe in the "power of yet" which helps cultivate a growth mindset.

If you could sum up Ensworth in 5 words, what would they be?
Love and learning for all

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