Grade 8 Welcomes Diplomat

Yesterday was an incredible opportunity for our Grade 8 students as they had the privilege of hearing from Daniel Bischoff, Director for Eastern European Affairs at the Department of State!
Mr. Bischoff was in town as a speaker for the Tennessee World Affairs Council. Through a connection with Tim Douglas '69, Ensworth students had this amazing opportunity.

Mr. Bischoff shared fascinating insights into the complexities of international relations, focusing on Ukraine and his experiences as a diplomat. From navigating diplomatic challenges to the importance of understanding diverse cultures, our students gained invaluable knowledge about the world beyond their classrooms.

Learning about the Foreign Service Office and the role it plays in shaping global affairs was eye-opening for our students, inspiring them to consider careers in diplomacy and international relations. Thank you, Mr. Bischoff, for igniting our students' passion for global citizenship and awareness!


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