Fiber Arts PCL

Intercultural Art Exhibit

Drawn to the artistry of her mother's quilts, Tricia Townes discovered her passion for fiber arts. Her captivating work is currently gracing the walls of the Ingram Arts Center on the Frist Campus, where it serves as a powerful reflection of her personal history and unwavering passion for her craft.
During a recent visit, High School students were fortunate to delve into the lessons embedded in Tricia's artistic lexicon. As a budding artist, Tricia's interests and themes evolved organically as she navigated the landscapes of her memories, drawing inspiration from people and events that shaped her journey.

Interestingly, it was the handkerchiefs belonging to her grandfather that truly ignited Tricia's creative spirit, setting her on the path to her artistic endeavors. Tricia describes her approach to art as "Social Practical Art," emphasizing her commitment to creating community-focused projects that resonate with and support the communities she engages with.

Join us in celebrating Tricia Townes and the diverse array of artists featured in this month's intercultural textile art exhibit in the Ingram Arts Center. Experience the transformative power of art and discover how it can foster healing and unity within our community.
This exhibit will remain open through the month of April. 

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