Camp Horizon

Ensworth Hosts Nonprofits on Service Day

In addition to our High School students spreading out into the Nashville community on Service Day for special projects, some students remain on campus to work on service projects and hear from special guests. Two such guests, the Civic Design Center and Camp Horizon, enlightened students on their particular missions this past Service Day.

Civic Design Center

The Nashville Civic Design Center engaged students in a special project designed to activate their creative problem-solving skills around how the planning and design of our communities shape our lives. 

One of the Civic Design Center’s initiatives is the Nashville Youth Design Team, a group of high school students who work together to make local neighborhoods in Nashville better for youth.

On Service Day, Ensworth students used craft materials to design a “Dream City” for youth where the concepts of education, music and the arts, strong neighborhoods, inclusiveness, and connectedness form the ideal city for kids. 

Although abstract in concept, civic design is all about the real people and places that make cities and towns better places to live for everyone. It involves planning and designing public spaces—like parks, streets, and buildings—to make them more functional, beautiful, and enjoyable for people.


Camp Horizon

Another non-profit organization spoke to the students about the special work of Camp Horizon, a yearly camp hosted just down the road in Kingston Springs. Camp Horizon offers a traditional summer camp atmosphere with outdoor activities for children who either have or have had cancer, and their siblings. Patient campers and their siblings attend free of charge on separate weeks.

The presentation introduced Ensworth students to the challenges faced by kids who can’t as easily participate in typical youth activities. Camp Horizon campers receive medical treatment at the camp’s Club Med and the benefit of pediatric oncology doctors and nurses around the clock. 

Camp Horizon is run completely by volunteers, including the medical staff, directors, and counselors.

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