Kelly Hobbs

Middle School Girls' Basketball Teams Prep for Tournaments

The Middle School Girls' Basketball team had a special guest to help get them ready for their tournaments. Kelly Hobbs, a mental performance coach, spoke to the girls about "growth mindset" and other key areas in preparation for their tournaments.
Kelly earned her Master's in Sport and Performance Psychology. She is a mental performance coach, the founder and creator of Camp Ultraviolet, and a master-rated figure skating coach. She previously was a triple U.S. Figure Skating Gold Medalist and her story and time as a professional figure skater led her to her current passion and career. Her mission is to keep mental skills training fun, engaging, and applicable to various ages and abilities. She provides athletes with tools to help them navigate the challenges that come with sports and life as an athlete and performer. 
She spoke to our Grades 6-8 Girls' Basketball teams about a growth mindset, trusting the process, and roles, and your "WHY." The time covered why it is important to train one's mind, ways to do this, and tools one can use to help calm the mind and body during a "fight or flight response." Topics also touched on were self-talk, mindset, visualization, performance anxiety, relaxation techniques, and attention and focus.
Thank you, Kelly, for coming to Ensworth!

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