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Ensworth Partners with MOVE Inclusive Dance

The opportunity to connect with charitable organizations that serve fellow Nashvillians is one of the greatest benefits of Ensworth's Service Learning program. One natural connection has come recently with MOVE Inclusive Dance and Ensworth's Dance Company.
Every Service Day, Ensworth's High School students group together and travel to locations across Nashville and surrounding counties. Since MOVE is a dance charity just 10 minutes away, Ensworth's School of Dance's Dance Company partnered with them this past Service Day. 

Founded in 2018, MOVE Inclusive Dance serves youth and adults of all ability levels who use the power of music and movement to have fun and learn life skills. According to their website, "Research shows inclusion has a positive impact not only on those with disabilities but those without, too. It instills lifelong qualities that transcend outside of the dance studio, making our program so much more than just a dance class."

The Service Learning Program seeks to build relationships with local non-profit organizations, not just serving them for one or two days per year. Some students continued to work with MOVE Inclusive Dance after Service Day. Ensworth even lent their Ingram Arts Center theater space for the dress rehearsal for MOVE's upcoming Recital performance at downtown Nashville's Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC).

Senior Campbell Bodzy, herself an accomplished dancer, helped out at the Recital dress rehearsal at Ensworth. Her work with MOVE has been so rewarding that she crafted her Service Scholar project around it.

She explains how she helps MOVE: "I work at the front desk, as a teaching assistant, and I occasionally take photos for their social media and outreach. Furthermore, my research will focus on the resources, or lack thereof, for differently abled people related to dance. I'm looking forward to expanding my connections in the community and helping others through my passion for dance!"

To learn more about the recital, visit MOVE Inclusive Dance's website.

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