Jeffrey Ezell '98 Talks Compost!

High School students had the opportunity to hear from current Ensworth parent Jeffrey Ezell '98 about compost. Jeffrey is the Co-Owner of The Compost Company, the receiver of all compostable materials on Frist Campus. He shared the story of his journey to working in compost, as well as his roles now. 

Students learned more about the green bins in their dining hall, how their organic matter gets converted into compost, and the efforts being made to improve Nashville’s system for recycling used materials. 
The US generates 1.5 million tons of garbage per year with 21% of what goes into landfills being food. The Compost Company manages the decomposition of organic materials to improve the rate of breakdown. Composting is the oldest method of recycling - a 100% natural form of recycling. The Compost Company works with organizations and schools to collect compostable materials and return compost to farms, garden centers, and landscaping companies within 60-90 days of collection. Everything is collected and distributed locally.


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