captain nominees

Black and Orange Team Captains Elected

If you are an Ensworth Tiger, you know about the Black and Orange teams. Today, nine Grade 8 students, nominated by their peers, offered speeches about the leadership opportunities and gifts of being a team captain on the Red Gables Campus.
The nominees were:

Orange Team

  • Addy Durham
  • Charlotte Williamson
  • Ethan Starling
  • Gus Taylor

Black Team

  • Katie Freeman
  • Anne Vaughan
  • Elijah Hensley
  • Hines Porterfield
  • Shep Porterfield
This year's winners—in an unprecedented race—are Charlotte Williamson and Ethan Starling for the Orange Team; and Katie Freeman, Hines Porterfield, and Shep Porterfield for the Black Team.

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