National Latin Exam

Language Exams No Match for Ensworth Students

In a year packed with rigorous yet joyful World Language learning, Middle and High School students placed high on standardized language tests in Latin, Chinese, Spanish, and French.

Middle School Awards

Middle School Chinese (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi)

Chinese exam
HSK level 1: The HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) is an international standardized test designed to assess Chinese proficiency in non-native speakers. The tests are conducted eleven times a year in over 150 countries worldwide with an average of about 800,000 candidates annually. It's a great achievement to pass the HSK Level 1 within 1-2 years of learning Chinese.

Winners 8th Grade
  • Aaliyah Williams
  • MollyKate Orr
  • Tully Johnson
  • Meredith McGee
  • Hollis Jacobs
  • Elsa Staelin
  • Sara Paige Dale
  • Jeremiah Easley
  • Kat Fones
  • Caroline Watts
7th grade
  • Nathan Fletcher
  • Hayes Chinn
  • Kaylee Willis

Middle School Latin (National Latin Exam)

Latin exam
Ensworth Middle School had 37 students rank nationally on the National Latin Exam. Nearly 100,000 students take the National Latin Exam. Here are their medals:
Gold Medal: Summa Cum Laude
  • Tyler Roh
  • Christian Kurtz
  • Giselle Michael
  • Lillian Goldner
  • Sebastian Eveland
  • Atia Mansouri
  • Sofia Shah
  • Ada Stapleton
  • Eli Salter
  • Jase Maxwell
Silver Medal: Maxima Cum Laude
  • Lillian Mosher
  • Tom Courtney
  • Adeline Courtney
  • Hugh Mixon
  • Georgi Karmo
  • Emerson Darr
  • Drew Bass
  • Alannah Wong
  • Lucy Gichner
  • Lucy Atwood
  • Beckett Adams
  • Jasmine Hollowell
  • Jet O'Rear
  • Tucker Lyman
  • Davis Bryant
Magna Cum Laude
  • Noah Franklin
  • Cael Tierney
  • Maddie Miller
  • Emery Ternovits
  • Neriah Taylor
  • Claire Murray 
  • Grant Kinnett
  • Emily McWilliams
  • Dashiell Priestley
  • Tempo Haun
Cum Laude
  • Lilly Goorevich
  • Carlisle Bolton

Middle School Spanish (National Spanish Exam)National Spanish Exam

Thirty-three Grade 8 Spanish students and 22 Grade 7 students ranked nationally on the National Spanish Exam. The National Spanish Exam is a standardized assessment given voluntarily to nearly 75,000 students throughout the United States to measure proficiency and achievement of students who are studying Spanish as a second language.

Oro (Gold)
Students scored at or above the 95th percentile
  • Sutton Korn
  • Thao Le
  • Noa Lemkin
  • Soren Sugalski
Plata (Silver)
Students scored from the 85th through the 94th percentiles.
  • Joe Amden
  • Matthew Boyce
  • Sarah Choma
  • Caroline Cox
  • Mills Darst
  • Logan Green
  • Cooper Lucy
  • Bianca Otalvaro-Dayon
  • Wayland Stapleton
  • Noel Whitfield
  • Zoey Rushing
Bronce (Bronze)
Students scored from the 75th through the 84th percentiles.
  • Mitchell Addison
  • Whit Alexander
  • Salem Bahr
  • Macie Biller
  • Millie Coppeans
  • Anders Damp
  • Graham Dean
  • William Dorr
  • Claire Flury
  • Caitlin Hesse
  • Elle Hutcheson
  • Marin Kurita
  • Ella Meade Poe 
  • Shep Porterfield
  • Ben Rios
  • Mateo Scala
Mención Honorífica (Honorable Mention)
Students scored from the national average through the 74th percentile. 
  • Alex Aplin
  • Champ Banks 
  • Colton Bowers 
  • Charlotte Figler
  • Ben Fleming 
  • Emme Fulghum
  • EJ Gibson
  • Aria Hanna
  • Aidan Kilgore
  • Annie Lane 
  • Belle Lawi
  • J.Wesley Looper
  • Clover Martin
  • Sahana Mehta
  • Milo Miggs
  • Casey Nuchow 
  • Henry Peck
  • Hines Porterfield
  • Hank Rusie 
  • Holden Smith 
  • Rae Turberfield 
  • Cooper Vallejo 
  • Anne Vaughan 

High School National Exam Awards

National Spanish Exam

Mia McDermott, Tatum Saunders
Hudson Honeybone, Katarina Santiago, Bayley Bartman, Alden Boyce, Julia Linn, David Choma, Alara Weitkamp
Jack Ross, Frances Duvall, Estelle Newell, Katie Barrier, Cate Barfield, Sampson Neyman, Caryss Green, Evie Denbo, Campbell Bodzy, Camilla Garza, Claire Gracey

National French Exam

Bernardo Barbalat, Brian Tierney
Elle Evans, Kennedy Aderogba 
Honorable Mention 

National Latin Exam

Gold Summa Cum Laude
Intermediate Latin
  • James Heinrichs
  • Collin Spitzer
Intermediate Latin Reading Comprehension
  • Robbie Schader
  • Brenna Hanbury
Advanced Latin Poetry
  • Spencer Yu

Silver Maxima Cum Laude
Intermediate Latin
  • Avery Franklin
  • Hobs Atwood
Intermediate Latin Reading Comprehension
  • Claire Kurtz

Magna Cum Laude
Beginning Latin
  • Sophie Massaquoi 
Intermediate Latin
  • Peter Bryant
  • Mya Jones
  • Sadie Anderson
Intermediate Latin Reading Comprehension
  • Leah Jackson
  • Lizzie McWilliams

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