Architecture, Construction, and Engineering Mentor Program

Architecture. Construction. Engineering.
Elle Evans ‘24 saw the word ‘engineering’ on a sign on the wall at school and was intrigued. “I have been interested in engineering,” she shared, so she reached out and joined the ACE Mentor Program as an after-school option.  

ACE is a national, award-winning afterschool program designed to encourage high school students to pursue careers in architecture, construction, and engineering (ACE). Now in its second year as an Ensworth club, ACE places students in ten teams with other area schools to create projects. This year’s theme was Growth and Transportation. 

Most of their meetings were planning their designs; however, they went on two construction site visits - one to see an addition at a local hospital and the other to observe the new Metro Nashville high school building in Bellevue, James Lawson High School. Students worked directly with general contractors, construction managers, engineers, and architects. Elle recalls, “Whatever we were doing in our projects, we could meet with people with those jobs.”

Elle and her teammate decided to design a train station with Elle being responsible for the design while her partner studied the site plan. A professional engineer used 3-D modeling software to help bring their plans to life. Elle and her teammate presented their project at the ACE Annual Scholarship Dinner, where they were each awarded a $3,000 scholarship for college study in engineering.
Elle at the Scholarship banquet
Elle shared that she learned so much through this program. “I had no idea how many fields are within engineering and architecture!” She continues, “I want to be more flexible in what I want to do.”

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